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SZR UNDERWATER TECHNOLOGIES, CAVITATOR brand underwater cleaning equipments, INTERNATIONAL PAINT, AKZO NOBEL and US NAVY washing systems with cavitation technology specially designed for pollution on pipelines, hull, seachest, propeller and rudder underwater cleaning process. It is the first and only company that applies in Turkey.

Cavitation technology is based on; Sea or fresh water, and all of these bubbles are formed by the sudden acceleration of the current, which is sea or fresh water, and the formation of gas-vapor bubbles. This process is called "hydrodynamic cavitation".

The shock waves generated at the point where the bubbles touch contact quickly dissolve and destroy the biologically contaminated layer (mussels, barnacle and moss) covering the surfaces. During this cleaning, cavitation technology does not have any adverse effect on the environment since only the sediment and sediment are dissolved by preserving the integrity of the paint layer.

SZR UNDERWATER TECHNOLOGIES serves the leading companies in the country with the equipment and professional approach used in combating marine pollution in accordance with international standards and legislation.